Why a PhD?

PhD studies in Computer Science and IT give you an opportunity to study and contribute to the cutting-edge research within the most rapidly evolving areas of modern science. The Danish PhD programmes provide:

  • World class research environments
    • Internationally recognized research groups in many areas of Computer Science and IT
  • Flexible enrollment
  • Attractive scholarship
    • Competitive with IT industry salary levels, and including full tuition fee and working expenses
  • Well organized PhD programmes
    • Professionel supervision, and high-quality course work aligned with the PhD research projects

“A PhD degree in Computer Science is not only a key to an exciting job in the IT industry – by representing the highest degree of education it trains the students to do independent research, which is required for a career in academia”

Anders Møller, Associate Professor, chairman of the CS PhD programme at  Aarhus University

“Our main focus is design and implementation of programming languages. This line of work requires significant understanding of multiple research areas and a curiosity that spans from analyzing the impact of changing a static type system to efficiently implementing new language constructs. Candidates with a PhD have been trained for such work and it is not without reason more than half our team have a PhD degree in computer science.”

Lars Bak, Site Lead, Google Engineering Aarhus

“When hiring PhDs Cryptomathic benefits from the strong professional skills generally obtained through the PhD program. In addition the research training enables PhDs to make oneself acquainted with and understand the substantial amount of technical specifications and standards characterizing our business area. Some of our PhDs have their degree in cryptography and they play an essential part in designing the security architecture of our solutions.”

Torben Pryds Pedersen, CEO of Cryptomathic