Studying in Denmark

Danmark is known for high quality education and research in Computer Science and IT, with PhD programmes that are highly recognized in both industry and academia world-wide.

The Danish educational system is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking. Global partnerships between higher education institutions, businesses, science parks and public research institutes ensure that study and research in Denmark reflect the latest knowledge and meet the needs of a global labor market.

Danish PhD programs train PhD students at an international level to undertake research, development and teaching assignments in the private and public sectors, for which a broad knowledge of research is required.

PhD students are enrolled and employed in the PhD program for 3 to 5 years. In some cases you can enroll right after obtaining your bachelor degree.

Each PhD student will have a supervisor who is responsible for the student’s PhD programs. We strongly encourage all applicants to get in contact with a potential supervisor before applying.

The Danish lifstyle

Besides offering world-class education, Denmark is also a great place to live. It is a safe country with a low crime rate and since most Danes are very good at English, you will find it easy to communicate in Denmark.

When you arrive in Denmark you will probably notice the relaxed atmosphere, a lot of people on bikes, and that things generally run smoothly. A blend of stately old buildings and modern sustainable architecture speaks of cities that treasure the old but love experimenting with the new.

Living costs

Even though the standard of living in Denmark is high, you will find that if you are sensible, a little economical and follow local habits – such as cycling to university and eating at home – living costs in Denmark should not blow your budget. Accommodation, food, transport and leisure costs are relatively high in comparison with many other countries, however, salaries and PhD stipends are also correspondingly high, and many services such as medical treatment and schools are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system, so that no user fees are charged.

A safe and balanced society

In Denmark there is a strong regard for the common good. Freedom for the individual, equal opportunities, respect and tolerance are core values

When you live in Denmark, you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with time for both work and leisure. And while there is a strong respect for the community, there is also a strong emphasis on personal freedom and the opportunity to pursue and fulfill individual potential.


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